Van Gogh Multimedia Experience Venice

Van Gogh Multimedia Experience Venice

The increasingly frequent choice of presenting art to the general public through the use of advanced multimedia technologies allows us to amplify the communicative strength of the contents, using different transmission channels at the same time, the visual channel using images, the auditory channel using sounds and music, the sensorial channel using reconstructed objects and environments. Through the use of various languages, the visitor is immersed in an enveloping journey, transported on a virtual odyssey to discover, in this case, the painter, the artist, the man Vincent Van Gogh. The multimedia exhibition examines, through projections on several large monitors, the life and works of the master, with video vision of many paintings and drawings made during his life and completed with some information in Italian and English relating to the artistic periods lived by Van Gogh during the last 10 years of his life. The thematic areas group the works according to the processing period, referring to the places where Van Gogh was and to some particular events of his life, together with some specific themes particularly loved by the artist.

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