Palazzo Contarini

After a careful restoration, Palazzo Contarini has been converted to a palace, provided with charming apartments and romantic Suites. The grandeur of the common spaces, joined with the style of the apartments will allow you to feel a unique experience where the magnificence of the ancient Venice will mix together with the modern comforts.


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The apartments

Palazzo Contarini is the ideal solution for all those who look for renting luxury rooms or apartments in Venice, a perfect match for your holidays in the Laguna. You will enjoy, surrounded by an architectural and artistic context of great interest, the comfort offered by all the apartments on rent


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In a maze of Canali, inside a Sestiere somehow spared from the chaotic and hasty tourism typical of this century, you can find an anonymous gate. Once opened you will be sent back to the 1400, the golden age of the Serenissima Venetian Republic.


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